We offer the very best in isostatic Zirconia restorations, with a choice of various different materials, each with great possibilities.

cubeONE HT+ Perfect Balance
cubeX SHT Strong & Beautiful
bioZX HS Multi_Additive

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The aesthetics of the new Dental Direkt CubeX² restorations represents the optimum in metal free restorations. Colourable frameworks that

are thin and translucent ensure a natural and vital appearance.

Colouring Liquids

With the staining system, we offer you the perfect dyeing liquid for all zirconia variants.

A simple and precise way to get the tooth colour you want.

Available in 16 Vita®* dentine colours as well as incisal and effect colours.

Our zirconia solutions are manufactured in-house with the full backing of our German supplier.