Shade Match

We welcome patient visits to our premises for shade matching, advice or any queries relating to their restoration.

Shade Match using “Smile Lite” & “Smile Capture”Smile Line

Shade matching is easier and more reliable than ever. With the proper tool, the risk of shade taking failures are eliminated when producing an aesthetic restoration as calibration is required for every new case and when changing lenses.


  • Intra-oral photography utilising the 5500°K daylight.
  • Intra-oral photography with polarizing Style Filter
  • Create patient’s albums for case planning and documentation
  • Send by e-mail. Easy, direct, and immediate
  • Photo treatment becomes a possibility thanks to “deep view” button and selected filters incorporated in the system.

Please Note:

  1. This service is free of charge to my dentists and their patients.
  2. Getting your new tooth’s shade or colour right, benefits all parties involved, as it saves time and effort. The aim is to have a restoration that feels and looks as close as possible to your natural teeth using the latest materials and techniques.
  3. Once the restoration has been cemented or fixed in the mouth, it cannot be altered.
  4. Seeing your natural teeth in the laboratory, we not only record the shade but notate any individual characteristics and surface textures that is visible, as well as the brightness and colour saturation. With your consent I can take a few photographs of your teeth to help me with the restoration.
  5. Please bear in mind that single incisal or front teeth, are the most difficult to match and might take more than 1 visit to get right. Please ask your dentist to show you the restoration BEFORE cementation as it cannot be altered when fixed or fitted. If there are any alterations after cementation, the whole process have to start again so remember to view & discuss it with your dentists.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding the manufacturing process.


For more information about “Smile Lite” & “Smile Capture”, see here.